Não conhecido detalhes sobre CoronaVirus

The wildfires are just so huge that its black smoke and ashes reached the skies of Sãeste Paulo, a state over 2.000 kilometers away from the Amazon.

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro praised his own efforts to deal with the Chinese coronavirus on Wednesday when asked by a television reporter whether he had sent out the “wrong message” in his initial skepticism over the pandemic.

While it is possible that they had nothing to do with the crime, the speed at which they and their lackeys responded, as well as the overall intentionally slow and faulty execution of the investigation, raises serious suspicions.

Bolsonaro is openly against minorities, having stated that LGBT children should have been beaten more and that he doesn’t see a problem in women being paid less than men. Voting “yes” to Dilma Rusself impeachment, he dedicated his words to the Colonel who tortured her during the dictatorial period (among other methods, Colonel Ustra in troduced living rats in her vagina. Dilma was one of the many brave woman who fought against the militaries in the 60′ and 80′). Also, his quarentena biggest flag is to take down Brazil’s gun control laws.

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O EL PAÍS conversou usando cinco adolescentes por variados classes sociais e cidades do Brasil A respeito de tais como estão vivenciando a quarentena. Em comum, passaram a valorizar Ainda mais o contato físico, temem este atraso nos estudos e percebem Ainda mais a desigualdade no país

Cris Pandolfi @PandolfiCris 19h Replying to @albertosilvauy Lamentable no poder marchar en silencio saiba como hacen 24años,igualmente estaremos virtualmente presente,pelo al olvido ‼️‼️‼️‼️queremos saber la verdad por nuestros desaparecidos,tenemos derecho ❤️

While Bolsonaro supported such reduction to 16 years old, fellow congress member Covid 19 and human rights advocate Maria do Rosário was against it. In an incendiary argument over the case, Rosário called Bolsonaro a rapist and he replied: "I will not rape you because you do not deserve it".[5]

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Este miércoles, el excandidato presidencial por Brasil fue destituido tais como senador por la Justicia. Destes de sus familiares han sido detenidos por su implicación en la misma causa por corrupción.

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